The natural hair movement exploded in the beauty industry around 2012.  Since then, the new influencers and experts on natural hair have become the Youtubers and other Social Media icons.  “Kinky Conversations” is a web series + podcast that explores issues of diversity, self-image, societal perceptions, and expectations of women of color explored through their relationship with their hair.

“Kinky Conversations” is the destination for all things curly, coily, and kinky hair and beauty!  It is certain to have the online world buzzing with engaging segments ranging from today’s best products, styles, and topics that are thought provoking and challenge our knowledge of what it truly means to be a natural beauty!   Adding a refreshing perspective to the show are the hosts of the Kinky Conversations, they are bold, insightful, and progressive WOC with a broad range of ages to give different perspectives, as well hair textures.