Dominique Jasper is an Atlanta based Lifestyle Blogger, Model, and IT Product Owner. She’s always been natural and had an extreme love for her hair. As a native of California the silk press was very common and her go method to maintain healthy hair growing up.

After graduating from Clark Atlanta University, Dominique’s desire to see her natural curl pattern started growing. Her curiosity led her to cut heat out completely. She couldn’t quite nail the wash and go but over time, and lots of hair breakage, Dominique started perfecting her twist outs. Low manipulation meant constant growth of healthier, stronger strands!

From extreme breakage and heat damage, Dominique’s hair journey has had its memorable moments. From learning to deal with shrinkage, international travel experiences, and rapid growth, her process has helped her gain a deeper appreciation for the process and embrace all the lessons learned. Throughout the journey, she has used her 5 hour long wash day as a time for self care. This has transformed her relationship with not only her hair but also her inner being. Taking care of it now means taking care of herself - and that is enough reason to continue evolving just as her kinks have year over year!